We utilize the latest proven technologies to produce the most reliable results.

Comprehensive Accident Reconstruction Is Our Business

For immediate response, thorough evidence collection and comprehensive, accurate, and honest analysis, we are your go-to firm for all accident investigation and reconstruction needs. Our primary goal is to provide unbiased, full-service accident reconstruction for all types of cases involving commercial motor vehicles, personal motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.

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    Comprehensive In-House Process

At Crash Analysis Consulting, we use state of the art equipment to aid us when reconstructing your accident.

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Our Team Of Highly Trained Professionals Is Prepared To Get The Job Done

Crash Analysis Consulting has provided accident reconstruction services for countless major law firms and international businesses. We have reconstructed thousands of crashes, provided deposition testimony and been qualified as expert witnesses to provide trial testimony many times. Our accident reconstruction services are sought after by defense and plaintiff firms alike, and many insurance carriers and company representatives specifically request our principle reconstructionists for their cases.

  • William Miller, Jr

    William Miller, Jr

    Principle Reconstructionist

  • Lance Phy

    Lance Phy

    Principle Reconstructionist

  • Chris Staley

    Chris Staley

    Crash Reconstructionist

  • Sarah Dockery

    Sarah Dockery

    Forensic Animator

  • Levi Corbett

    Levi Corbett

    Crash Reconstruction Technician

  • Shanon Burgess

    Shanon Burgess

    Crash Reconstructionist/Digital Forensics

The longer you wait, the less evidence there will be.

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