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If the data exists, let us help you uncover it.

Digital Forensics preserves data which often contain critical evidence. As detailed below, extraction of these data requires specialized techniques and adherence to stringent protocols. Our in-house digital forensics professional is skilled at both data extraction and interpretation, helping you understand the evidence and how it impacts your case.

We are well known and highly regarded in the accident reconstruction industry as a trailblazer that researches, develops, and applies cutting-edge data recovery techniques to retrieve data from severely damaged vehicle systems, including, but not limited to, airbag control modules (ACM), Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders (HVEDR), and infotainment modules.  We extract the information when others say it can’t be done.

We were the first to develop an advanced in-house “chip-swap forensics” technique which transplants multiple memory and controller chips from a damaged device into a surrogate to retrieve this previously unobtainable data.

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The longer you wait, the less evidence there will be.

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